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About Kerala State dashboard

Beta version of Kerala Dashboard. It aims to integrate the statistics from all government services and to acts as a data bank for researchers, administrators,citizen etc. For suggestions/query/integration mail to dashboard@cdit.org

STAGE 1: Linking Dashboards

Status: Progressing

In this stage, existing dashboards of various govt department and agencies are lined here.
  1. [progressing] Providing a link to existing dashboards of various departments
  2. [progressing] Getting API links from available departments and creating dashboards
  3. [pending] Organizing content and theme relating to 17 Sustainable Development Goals
STAGE 2: Creating Data Repository

Status: Progressing

In this stage, data will be collected and stored and displayed state dashboard
  1. Geting data from departments via api/excel (view requirement presentation)
  2. Segregation and representation in unique format
  3. Visualization and Tabular export of data to public
If the department is not having online service/ time needed in creating api, then they can give data for Applications and Beneficiaries in any of the below excel format or its combinations for various schemes/services to public
Excel formats for department not having api
A. Applications Data (count) B. Beneficiary Data (count)
Applications - Monthly basis or Beneficiaries - Monthly basis or
Applications - Yearly basis or Beneficiaries - Yearly basis or
Applications - Cumulative till now Beneficiaries - Cumulative till now
Reference - Categorization of scheme/service based on 17 SDG Goals (GoI)
STAGE 3: Data Analytics

Status: Not Started

Contact Person: Abhi Krishnan R(Web Programmer, C-DIT): 9497165816 | mail : dashboard@cdit.org