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Labour and Skills

Through the department's key areas of occupational health and safety, employment rights and responsibilities, and labour relations, the department's mandate is to set, communicate and enforce workplace standards while encouraging greater workplace self-reliance.

Last update: 07-Oct-2021 02:59 pm
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Total Applications  225968
Approved  188829
Rejected/Returned  34080
Pending/Processing  3059

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Sl No Portal name Portal Purpose Services
1 LCAS 2.0 Registration under various Acts 1

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Service list

Sl No Service name
(application type)
Disposal % Application Received Service Purpose
1 Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1960
(New registration)
2,25,968 Registration

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Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1960

accounts for the


of total e-applications received in the department. For that service, the file disposal rate is

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