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National Employment Service (Kerala)

one of the world’s largest manpower database managers providing registration, renewal, selection and advising of eligible candidates against notified vacancies.

Last update: 08-Mar-2023 12:59 pm
5 Services
1 Websites

e-Applications Count

Total Applications  2668122
Approved  2588618
Rejected/Returned  0
Pending/Processing  79504

Website list

Sl No Portal name Portal Purpose Services
1 eemploymentexchange Employment Services 5

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Service list

Sl No Service name
(application type)
Disposal % Applications Received Applications Disposed Service Purpose
1 Change Requests
(Change Requests)
27,714 24,710 Labour and Employment
2 Qualification Additions
(Qualification Additions)
11,08,787 11,08,787 Labour and Employment
3 Registration
4,74,913 3,99,396 Labour and Employment
4 Renewal
10,40,122 10,40,122 Labour and Employment
5 Transfer Requests
(Transfer Requests)
16,586 15,603 Labour and Employment

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Qualification Additions

accounts for the


of total e-applications received in the department. For that service, the file disposal rate is

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